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          The Kiken Group offers experienced advice, counsel, and representation for a diverse range of Probate, Estate, Trust, Conservatorship, and Guardianship Matters.

          Planning for death and disability is never easy.   Likewise, death or disability issues can lead to disagreements
among family members or beneficiaries.  When disputes arise concerning a will, a family's estate or trust, or concerns about the mental or physical well-being of a family member, an already difficult situation can become increasingly complicated for the people involved. 

          When you require assistance in resolving disputes either through thoughtful, comprehensive negotiation or through litigation in the probate court system, contact The Kiken Group to provide experienced negotiation, personal advocacy, and dedicated guidance to assist you through all phases of these difficult matters.

    In addition to litigation and dispute resolution, The Kiken Group can assist you in estate planning, tax law, real estate and other business issues designed to prevent such disputes from happening to your family in the future.

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